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for everyone

nudge is the world’s leading financial wellbeing platform. Our global technology integrates news, data and behavioural psychology. We’re 100% unbiased, with no hidden agenda. nudge is for everyone - employees, customers or members.


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for your employees

Over 100 of the world’s most respected organisations – big and small – use nudge to help their employees achieve their dreams and avoid financial problems. nudge is proven as a powerful platform to promote and elevate existing reward strategies.


for your customers

nudge isn’t just for employees, it's for customers too. Show you care, strengthen customer engagement and add value to your products and services. Let nudge improve your customer’s relationship with money – and with your organisation.


Personalisation powered by the information provided, national data and machine learning. The more a person uses nudge - the more personalised their experience becomes. Data helps us understand what people really want to read - saving our reader time and keeping it relevant.

Relevant and personalised

Financial social feed

A personalised feed full of bite-sized financial education posts and snackable articles, podcasts or videos. All curated to circumstances and interests. In one click, save and review later - or share with friends and family. We make sure the world of money is fun, familiar and accessible. nudge content is clear and digestible money-updates, it might be lifestyle or legislative - but it's always personal.

Get a nudge in the right direction

When there’s something your people need to know or a financial action they ought to take, they’ll get a nudge. Based on what we know, the nudge will include relevant topics in personal finance, employee benefits updates or special offers We send nudges through a channel of choice - by SMS, email, Facebook Workplace or WhatsApp.

Achieve dreams and goals

Our tailored programmes help people to identify, plan and achieve life goals - like buying a home or saving for a holiday. With e-learning modules, action plans and reminders we help people's dreams become a reality.

Manage money better

Our interactive tools help plan, prepare and organise people's personal finances, for budgeting, borrowing and saving. The tools include key learning modules and actionable next steps to increase confidence. Helping your people make the best financial decisions for them.

Uniquely powerful platform

nudge is a powerful combination of the best tech and nudge theory.

The best technology

nudge is designed to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

nudge theory

Behavioural psychology tells us how and when content will be most effective.


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