MetLife puts wellness in the hands of their employees

MetLife puts wellness in the hands of their employees

Company name: Metlife

Population size: 43k

Industry: Financial Services


Metlife had an aim to re-launch their “Wellness Committee” across their UK business. Metlife wellness committee represents employee engagement, mental/physical/financial health, DE&I, sustainability and social responsibility. The wellness committee is made up of employees from across the business, who in addition to their day-jobs, are passionate about employee wellbeing.

The challenge

MetLife wanted to put wellness in the hands of the employees rather than in the hands of only HR, or only the Exec team, so employees feel more connected and empowered to improve their life at work. The vision was to include all employee perspectives into the wellbeing strategy, so everyone can grow, improve and be at their best. Employees can see that the wellbeing initiatives are being driven by their colleagues and not by “HR” or the “Exec Team” – it’s a real bottom-up approach rather than top down.

The solution

Each member is a wellness ambassador and promotes the planned financial education initiatives throughout the year. Financial wellbeing activity is lively and focuses on national dates like, ‘global money week’, ‘stress awareness’, ‘mental health awareness’, ‘talk money week’. The committee organizes regular learning and training sessions on topics such as retirement planning and money and mental health. The training is integrated with financial education so people can learn more later.

The results

The wellness score in the employee engagement survey went up by 5 points, compared to the previous survey results. Wellness is the 5th highest scoring out of 14 areas in the survey. 95% of employees are engaged with financial education, and 146 employees are fully committed to their education as they continue to return to their studies.

Named one of the 2023 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®

+ 5

Points in wellness score


engaged in financial education


Committed to education