ABinBev double family education grant applications

ABinBev double family education grant applications

Established: 1366
Industry: FMCG
No. of employees: 10,000+

The challenge

Founded in 1946 by the Artois Breweries, now AB inBev, the Verhelst Foundation provides wellbeing support for employees and their families. One focus of the Foundation is the Children’s Scholarship Fund, a grant to pay for higher education costs for the children of AB InBev employees. Aware of nudge’s ability to use personalization and behavioral psychology, nudge was tasked with boosting awareness and take-up of the grant as it was in decline due to other competing initiatives

The solution

We crafted and delivered a series of bespoke nudges that provided information, tips and tricks related to the finances of higher education, as well as introducing and promoting the grant. We personalized nudges according to the eligibility criteria as well as the individuals’ past engagement with nudge, delivering the education to employees via their preferred channels; either email, SMS or WhatsApp. 

The results

As a result of the campaign, successful applications of the grant more than doubled, therefore changing the education and futures of many beneficiaries.

By using nudge, not only are we improving our employee’s general financial wellbeing, we are also able to promote and ‘nudge’ our employees about the fantastic benefits available to them that set us apart as an employer. We know from the increased participation in benefits like this and direct employee feedback that the nudge service is making a real impact on our employee’s lives, creating brighter financial futures for them and their families.

Rose Kelly, Payroll Manager, AB inBev


increase in successful grant applications