Ab Agri roll out a global financial wellbeing strategy in 8 regions

Ab Agri roll out a global financial wellbeing strategy in 8 regions

Established: 1984
Industry: Agriculture
No. of employees: 1.5k

Shortlisted for The Global Impact via Financial Education award at the Financial Wellbeing Impact Awards 2023

The challenge

AB Agri introduced nudge’s financial education in December 2022 to develop the wellbeing agenda beyond just physical wellbeing and to help promote the wider AB Agri benefit package.

AB Agri sought to engage employee communities with global and local experiences. nudge’s financial education program brought together different businesses within the AB Agri group, all with varying benefit packages. The overall objective and vision for the project was to deliver an integrated and cohesive global benefit solution for AB Agri people and move away from UK-centric experiences to a global-first experience. 

The solution

There are multiple businesses within AB Agri, each with varying reward and benefit programs. Therefore, the reward and benefit team had to bring together distinctly different businesses and ways of working through financial education.

AB Agri focused their efforts on awareness days and masterclasses. The team uses nudge’s global content – like the global financial wellbeing calendar, to keep track of important days in the financial calendar relevant to different parts of the world. AB Agri worked closely with the nudge team to deliver financial education with what was locally relevant and personalized based on what’s relevant to their employees no matter where they are.

The outcome

nudge's global financial education platform has enabled a more inclusive employee experience and as a result more Ab Agri employees’ lives are being impacted. In fact, 75% of employees have engaged with nudge since launch, 83% are repeat users – indicating an appetite for personalized financial education.

AB Agri has had positive anecdotal feedback from employees in the UK who are preparing for retirement. And from a global perspective here is a quote from user testing, “I just checked it. It’s very good information. It will be very useful website for all of us for financial planning."


of employees have engaged with nudge since launch


are repeat users

We’ve achieved massive financial wellbeing gains for employees over the past six months, we couldn’t be happier with the process. As a team we are proud to be shortlisted for Global Impact via Financial Education and for our success to have been celebrated at the recent Financial Wellbeing Impact Awards 2023. It’s incredible to be part of something that’s making a positive change on the lives of our employee community across the globe.

Craig Peck

Head of Reward & Global Mobility