#1 Financial wellbeing platform.

Our market-leading platform combines news, data and behavioural psychology to provide personalised and confidential financial education.

No loans. No investment products. We shine a light on the world of money.

Improve your people’s financial wellbeing through our platform


Providing pure financial education, no selling loans or investment products.


Delivering an individual experience through targeted content based on preferences and personal information.


Covering all of personal finance, from ISAs to inheritance, bills to borrowing – we’ve got you covered.
Example of Financial Education nudge on pet insurance

Key features

Event-driven notifications

Get a nudge when you need it.

Flexible communications

Sent at work and home. WhatsApp, email or SMS.

Action focussed financial education

Providing the “so what”.

dreams and goals

Moving home, having a child, saving a nest egg.

Our platform offers interactive financial wellbeing apps to support life’s ambitions.

Key components.

Personalised feed

Our technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to provide each member of your Community with a personalised money feed. Using the latest technology, this is naturally intuitive and optimised for engagement on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop).

The feed uses striking imagery, snappy call-outs and simple wording to provide daily event triggered posts on everything from insurance to ISAs, credit-cards to crowd funding and banking to borrowing with each post providing as much, or little, detail as individuals want.

AI and Machine Learning means that each individual’s feed is personalised according to their specific demographics, interests and history. For example, if you’ve not got Children, you’re not learning about Childcare Vouchers. If you’re interested in getting on the housing ladder, you’ll be learning about mortgage updates, legislative updates such as LISA and changing interest rates.


When something particularly noteworthy happens, users will also receive a ‘nudge’ which is a nugget of financial education explaining what has changed, the impact and required actions.

A typical employee can expect about 10 ‘nudges’ a year which are delivered how and when the employee chooses (work email, personal email, SMS or WhatsApp).

Typical ‘nudges’ include:

  • Moved home – what now happens to your pension.
  • Personalised summary of the UK Government’s Autumn Budget.
  • Impact on your take-home pay after a pay rise.

Dreams and goals

Financial wellbeing isn’t only achieved through the in the moment posts and ‘nudges’ – it’s also about helping users identify, plan for and achieve their dreams and goals.

Nudge provides support on 24 dreams and goals including ‘Getting on the Housing Ladder’, ‘Planning a Holiday’, ‘Having a Family’, ‘Paying off debt’ and ‘Sending Money Home’.

For each dreams and goals, a workflow shows individual users:

  • Personalised benchmarks (e.g. how much do people like you spend on a holiday).
  • Peer driven learning – the tips and tricks people like you have benefitted from.
  • Personalised actions according to your age and or salary.
  • How their employer can help through the other employee benefits available.