How to Use Behavioural Psychology to Help Your People Reduce Their Debt

“Have You Been Worrying More Lately?” With recent research showing that one in five (21%) UK adults are struggling with debt and money worries, and many saying that their mental health has deteriorated as a result¹, financial stress is a serious threat to both employees and employers. But what can employers do about it? Insights

What Does Behavioural Psychology Have to Teach Employers?

“If you needed an organ transplant today, would you take one?” – Register here to donate your organs.’ This campaign inspired 96,000 people to register, for the first time, as an organ donor. Would you have been one of them? Since the rise of Thaler and Sunstein’s ‘Nudge theory’ to global prominence in 2008, the

Why it’s time to rethink the delivery of Financial Education

I read with interest last week about the Independent newspaper ceasing print editions in March…just one month away! I knew fewer people were buying papers but didn’t realise just how few. After all, I still buy The Times seven days a week (albeit to view on my iPad) which gives me everything I need to

Take it personally

I was reminiscing over a beer with a friend of mine at the weekend about our trip to Glastonbury in 1999. We still have striking similarities in our tastes in music and were born a month apart in 1978. He had to leave at 9PM to get a plane to New York to DJ at

What employee engagement really means

I watched Paul Johnson from the Institute of Fiscal Studies deliver an electrifying presentation recently. Using data on housing, savings, salaries and pensions from the 1940’s to the present day, Paul built a clear yet bleak picture that the generations in work today are going to become less and less well off than the generations

Save me! What we can learn from China

According to the World Bank, the UK has the second lowest savings rate as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) in the developed world – just behind the United States. Indeed when we look at certain demographics, for example those between the ages of 21 and 30, the rate is negative, meaning people are

3 years into AE – 5 reflections on how the industry must step up

It is hard to believe that it is nearly three years since the largest companies staged and this offers an ideal time to reflect on what has happened and how we as an industry can improve to deliver better value for employers and employees. Here are 5 thoughts about the industry that has been created

Why the name is a shame

This happened to me a few years ago. I am sat opposite a long standing client who I haven’t seen for a while. “Tell me what Nudge is all about”, she asks, “sounds like it should be interesting”. “Financial Education”, I reply. “Oh goodness how boring!” And there is the problem. She is right, it